"Our future lies in the hands of children. Unfortunately for countless, that future is uncertain. Stricken by abuse, exploitation, hunger, natural disasters, poverty, war and absence of opportunities has created a distressing crisis for the global society.

According to UNICEF currently there are 150 + million orphans at risk globally. Births of near 230 million children under 5 have never been registered thus depriving them of an identity or nationality.

Orphans of the Dunya is a growing U.K. based charity who focus their help primarily on orphans, but also assist other needy people such as widows and refugees. Working together with “Al Abrar” situated in Morocco, we have been raising awareness of the increasing concern of orphans within Moroccan towns e.g. Meknes. Originally starting off by pledging individual donations to Morocco, it steadily grew with the inspiration from Allah (God) and now we fundraise on larger scales to help and support as many as we can.

Our mission is simple. We want to motivate people to translate their empathy into help and support for our cause in giving the aid needed to orphans, widows and needy persons and ensuring the equality they deserve. Our vision is simple. To first and foremost elevate the wellbeing of orphans, but also assist widows, refugees and other poor and needy people anywhere in the world by helping to relieve them from poverty and financial hardship, and by promoting the advancement of education and good health. This aim is achieved in particular by assisting with the provision of items, goods and services which may be distributed by ourselves or through established not for profit organisations determined by our trustees"

Orphans of the Dunya

Charity endeavours in the UK began simply by just sending individual donations to Morocco. The devastating conditions in Morocco reached the ears of people; support then progressed and gradually started accumulating larger donations. Each new supporter bought new life to our endeavours and this encouraged us to begin fundraising on a larger scale. As Souad Lakhouri helped to establish “Al Abrar” it was natural that we would build a solid partnership with them in Morocco.

It wasn’t long before we found a keen group of volunteers organising barbecues at the Brothers and Sisters “Khidmah Organisation” community events in June 2011. Read more (remove read more). We raised money for warm blankets & food parcels.

Meknes in 2011, we visited “Al Abrar” and soon began fundraising to support a community centre there. This would intend to provide a base for the children and their carer’s. On our return to the UK we started work, we soon had a list of regular donor’s that set up monthly transfers towards the rent of the charity building.

A "Breakfast Club” was created at the Community Centre where we collected food hampers and shipped them out to Morocco. Supporters for the cause provided a whiteboard, laptop, computers, monitors, printers, TV, DVD’s and desks to help create an interactive environment.

We set up regular food donations and Qurbani donations, Eid clothes and gifts & now our sponsorship project supports more children than ever.

We have lots of energy, big ideas and good people willing to help. Our recognition of charity status in 2014 provides us with the legitimacy needed to grow bigger. We need your help!

Orphans of the Dunya are a UK Registered Charity Number: 1155666 chrity