It was after the sudden passing of my uncle in 2002 that caused me to reflect upon life (it’s fragility) and realise how vital it is to live a just and good life in the path of Allah (God). During this grievous time Mum would ask to tag along with her to the Masjid. Instead, I’d shrug it off responding as if being very busy. In reality I was just going to Hamam and having my hair and nails pampered. I was still praying my compulsory salah but I wouldn’t exactly claim I was practicing.

The event of my uncle’s death became a turning point in my life and at this stage I’d end up joining Mum on her visits to the mosque. Beginning to source Islamic lessons and talks I started to have a much better comprehension of Islam. I woke up from thinking about myself to realising the real concern are for those less fortunate i.e. Orphans and poverty oppressed people.

I was with a group of friends one day and we happened to be studying an ayah of the Qur’an in relation to aiding orphans. In that moment the Qur’an had inspired six of us to take action immediately and pursue to do our bit of contribution.

I was working as a primary school teacher at the time and came home from work one day to hear that a serious fire had engulfed one of the neighbouring homes. There were seven children and their Mum in the house. The Father had died recently subsequently making this a distressing time for the family. On returning to home one day, I came to news of a raging fire, which engulfed one of the neighbouring homes. Seven children alongside the Mother were inside. The family had already suffered a loss in the form of a Husband and Father so this situation subsequently increased the distress amongst the family.

Deciding this was the time to spring to action, the sisters and I gathered to visit the victims of the fire. The state of the house left us in shock at first but turned to sadness when thinking about the situation they were in.

The house was severely damaged by flames resulting in most of it collapsing. The roof was no more and walls have caved in. Everything was soot black, diminished with a strong scent of smoke from the incident. All the family belongings were destroyed including clothes; blankets and also the gas cooking stove which exploded. They didn’t even have a morsel to eat nor a drop of water to drink. They were in need of desperate help! We dug into our pockets and gave them what we could following a series of regular visits with food and provisions. Blankets and clothes were also provided and eventually went onto purchase a new home for them. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), now they are smiling once again!

This situation opened up more doors to orphans and widows like them that needed our aid and support. Soon after we officially organised ourselves and registered the charity “Al Abrar”. I worked with the charity till 2009 and then moved to U.K. in 2010. From this location we started fundraising for “Al Abrar” until April 2013 when we made the expansion of our vision to enable us to aid orphans and widows worldwide. Thus, at this time “Orphans of the Dunya” was established and I hope you will support us in our cause to aid those in need.

Souad Lakhouiri
Committee Member.