Orphans in Morocco

We have been raising awareness of the increasing concern of orphans within the Moroccan town of Meknes. By running various fundraiser events like the brothers and sisters Khidmah event we were able to raise enough to help provide essentials such as winter blankets and food parcels. This is vital as during Moroccan nights conditions take a nose dive hitting very cold temperatures. Unfortunately, heating is not supplied and this makes it even more crucial.

Founders Souad Lakhouri, Jez (Isa) Sykes and Gulam Tapali personally handed out aid. Other projects were initiated including a breakfast club project (making empty stomachs full again), Orphan sponsoring, Eid clothing collection, sewing machine project, providing IT equipment’s at orphan community centre and holding educational classes teaching maths, French & IT. We also go out to personally oversee projects and other work is running smoothly as well dropping in for the orphans.


Orphans in Palestine

A side from our main goal (bringing aid to orphans in Morocco) we were also emotionally compelled by the horrific tragedies that occur in Palestine today. We decided to tend to the plight of Palestinians by holding some fundraisers for the orphans in Gaza.

On 25th May 2013 Orphans of the Dunya raised funds towards an orphanage in Gaza. We had a stall selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sweets, cakes candyfloss etc. The event was a great success and 100% of the funds raised went to help orphans in Gaza.

Also, a bring and buy cake sale was held during the war in Palestine (Ramadhan 2014). In total we raised £10,000 which was invested in sponsoring 50 Palestinian orphans working in collaboration with Interpal.


Sending Aid to Syria

We partnered with “One Nation” during January and February of 2016 and accumulated donations of all kinds in the Leicester area for the Syria Crisis. Many vans full of aid was the result of the ever giving populous of Leicester. Donations included clothes, food, nappies, blankets, toiletries and many more. The shipping container which would haul our aid was located in Birmingham. Once it reached there it set for the destination Idlib of Syria. Confirmation of its arrival was given on March 16th where the aid was distributed amongst the most needed cases.



In February 2016, volunteers from Orphans of the Dunya set course for Lesbos which is in huge crisis at the moment with a massive over flow of migrants from Syria coming on to Greek shore. Before leaving for the island, we held a fundraiser with a target of £10,000 selling food which was achieved Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah). The harsh conditions of the island and weather left many people cold and injured. One volunteer describes people approaching shores on flimsy boats which can easily capsize very cold waters.

There were many small children and babies alongside heavily pregnant women. On one evening, volunteers received a delivery of 1000 food parcels, contents consisting of water bottles, apples, tune tins, croissant and energy bars. These were handed out whilst refugees were boarding the ferry for Athens. Through your donations we were able to buy large quantities of trainers, joggers, backpacks, socks, hats and food to help keep the distressed warm. Orphans of the Dunya are determined to continue to provide a helping hand to those in need and your continued donations make that possible.