Orphans of the Dunya work in partnership with Al-Abrar Charity in Meknes. We are a newly established charity, receiving charity recognition in 2014. Since that time we have worked hard to find ways to support our beneficiaries. Ideally, our long term vision is to secure support in orphanages, however in the meantime we are desperate to make real changes to the lives of our orphan children now. We are currently doing this by providing a wealth of aid via our orphan community centre in Meknes and our orphan sponsorship project. We can only continue with this work and make longer term changes with your help and the will of God.

Orphans of the Dunya's definition of orphan is an inclusive one, which is derived from the Islamic definition of an orphan. The Islamic view is that orphans are considered as children whose mother and father are deceased or have abandoned them or children who may have a mother but whose father is deceased or has abandoned them.


Meet Faatima & Her Sister

Faatima is three years old. Her father died and her mother suffers from severe depression. She slept on a small mattress that she shared with her mother and two sisters. Most days she was lucky to have a meal or a wash. Orphans Of The Dunya found sponsors for Faatima. We improved her living conditions by providing clean matteresses, daily food and clothing.

We also provided support to the mother to start her own vegetable stall to generate her own income. Faatima's mother is on her way to being self sufficient, she's still got a long way to go and will need our support for a little longer before she can support her family.

Help us to help more children like Faatima.


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You will be providing a full package of: safe accommodation, groceries, access to healthcare and assistance with educational needs.Your support can also extend to supporting a mother/guardian to gain skills to help their family survive long term.


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